• Ghost in the Shell

    Ghost in the Shell


    (rewatched in 4K in a IMAX theater)

    There are elements of Ghost In The Shell that I always forget somehow. The meditative sequences that takes time to poetically hang up metaphors about what it means to be human. Rain, neo-tokyo rot, empty spaces, and mannequins. It’s so elegantly incorporated, you could blink and miss the sequence. It’s a film that obviously has a lot on its mind; AI, cyber body modification, existentialism, etc. But even more than that, the film follows…

  • Candyman



    Weirdly passionless and passive take on Candyman. It’s a film that seemingly wants to talk about race but only enough as to glide past anything truly confrontational, which, feels like such a missed opportunity given how people just forget what most of us were protesting in 2020. That’s not to say it outright dances around topics such as gentrification and racial injustice(please god, no more about how shallow the art world is, we know), it sets up the pins and…

  • Water Power

    Water Power


    And now, a palate cleanser for all these new followers I’ve been gaining without so much as posting only a few lowly reviews this year.

    This roughie from the golden age of porn, has become quite the transgressive curio to a certain type of extreme cinema goer. Does that include me? Eh, yeah. I guess I wanted to see how outrageous a hardcore porn about the ripped from the headlines, “enema bandit” would turn out to be. And well, it certainly…

  • Malignant



    Capital G—GOOFY. While the Junji Ito-esque effects payoff takes a lot of effort to get to, the payoff is so over the top, I couldn’t help but enjoy how gleefully dumb it was. The rest? Ehhh. Considering how not scary or thrilling the rest of the film is, it’s kind of unrestrained, techno wizardry, lots of cgi gore, ugly ass color grading, risible dialogue, and insanely overwrought score did nothing for me besides giggle here and there. Wan’s camera sense is so all over the place and showy, that’s it. I wasn’t bored but it wasn’t what I’d particularly call “good”. Whatever that means.

  • Suspiria



    GOAT Horror

  • In the Dark

    In the Dark


    A grungy, creepy, and static wavering, SOV horror. Tonally raw, bleak, amateurishly real, this rare indie effort evokes a texture that feels naturally tense in a disturbing way, like waiting for a community college film project to turn into a full blown snuff film. The main character is a refreshingly anti-manic pixie girl and a realized, committed one-time performance by Kim Garrett. While some of the more action heavy scenes are a bit clumsy in execution--the film makes up for…

  • The Green Knight

    The Green Knight


    A24’s The 10th Kingdom

    Lacks any sense of emotional element with any of its human or non-human characters. Just an ornate, auto-masterbatorial collage of “one-perfect shots”, polished and scrubbed of any texture or grit. It’s modern assumptions on the reality of the glories of medieval legends is obvious. Really slacking in the pacing department and then when we finally get to the typical fantasy/anthology film set-pieces, they lack any real sense of wonder. Never weird or sexy or provocative or thrilling. Bog standard choir score and all the forced & whispery performances one could take. 

    Just watch Conquest. You’ve been meaning to anyway.

  • Censor



    A decent idea executed poorly. Which, is pretty much a large portion of most indie horror films these days. Uses the video nasties in a fairly unintelligent and bog standard way. It doesn’t really do much with them, real or fake. It’s a shame because I think there is a good horror film to be made on the subject that isn’t a documentary. You won’t really find it or much else here. The lead plays crazy from the get go…

  • Monster Hunter

    Monster Hunter


    Dumb as shit but kind of a bore. I realized way too early on that I was just watching this to see if George Eastman would become shirtless again or what the next rubbery/gory set piece would be. A lot of waiting around for either to happen… For a Joe D'Amato flick, it feels awfully restrained. It’s missing the shamelessly trashy vibes of his skeezier films.

  • Smooth Talk

    Smooth Talk


    Left kind of bewildered by this one. It’s genuinely surprising to see a film handle this kind of material in a way thats subtext is left out to dry. The ending is truly unnerving in a way that’s shockingly realized. Dern is great and Williams is subtly seductive & creepy.

  • Haunted School

    Haunted School


    Hiruko The Goblin for the kiddies! Like a less depressing Drifting Classroom, this children’s horror film is lively with a ton of great practical effects. I never expected to see a monster inspired by The Thing show up in a kid’s horror film but here it is, gnashing teeth and all! Puts the cute in cute horror. A lot of fun! Hopefully the rest of the series will be translated some day.

  • The Amusement Park

    The Amusement Park


    Peculiar curio from the back of Romero’s vault. I’m pretty sure his Mr.Rogers episode is scarier.