Love, Death & Robots: Life Hutch

Love, Death & Robots: Life Hutch ★★

- undeniably impressive animation
- good tension

- gruesome
- same plot as the first short
- animation was, weirdly, too realistic

sure its worth noting that this short, and the show in general, is an unbelievable feat of artistic quality. that being said, when the animation is so ridiculously lifelike, it begs the question...why animate it at all? if you want it to be animated, then play with the medium a bit. most of the best stories in this show have been drawn in a fascinating way to truly push the style to its limits. even the other more realistic looking shorts have stretched things a bit to give the characters more character. this is just... michael b. jordan. in space. looking like michael b. jordan. in space. outside of that its also a rather bland plot that weve seen countless times, literally including in this season of this show. initially i appreciated their great visual storytelling by starting us after he crash lands, but then for some reason they insist on showing us how he got to the planet, what was going on in space, what led to his crash, etc etc. i cant help but feel that was strictly to pad everything out, and i think this story wouldve been significantly more effective if it was confined to the one setting and played out in real time. sure it wouldve been a lot shorter, but theres really nothing wrong with short shorts (lol). i actually think people generally prefer their short films to be bite sized over things that are pushing 20 minutes. idk. ironically, despite the immense amount of effort clearly at play to make this a reality, in a lot of ways, this kinda feels like the laziest episode of the season. woof

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