BlacKkKlansman ★★★★½

This doesn’t so much blur the line between the Klan and the current presidency as it does obliterate that line entirely. It’s not really subtle about anything and that’s cool with me - in fact, I absolutely loved it. Thought the ending, which to me recalls the ending of Bamboozled (an underrated movie), was pretty astounding too. 

The two films share a remarkable amount of similarities, in how they depict the struggle of attempting to reform racist systems from within, and the push and pull of double consciousness, as well as how white people attempt to define blackness. 

Circling back to what I said about subtlety - this doesn’t need to be subtle. It seems that even 18 years after Bamboozled, 29 years after Do The Right Thing, people still need to be bashed over the head and told to wake up.

A1 Spike Dolly Shot in this one, btw

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