DARLING in the FRANXX ★★★★★

Normally I don't review anime but I felt it would be wrong to not at least say something after finishing our second re-watch and my third time viewing the show front to back. A yearly tradition now.

I know it has its detractors but putting it bluntly: I don't give a fuck. There are few works of art that are able to consistently reach me at this level of emotion. Every time I re-watch, this show just seems to have something beautiful to give me. 2018 it gave me Zero Two, 2019...it was a healing experience after one of the worst times of my entire life. A release from pain and a signal that life could truly start again. 2020...just an emotional, uplifting experience after nearly a year's worth of self work and improvement.

The level of raw, emotional passion and sincerity is something I admire. In fact...I find it...profoundly beautiful.

I'm glad Darling in the Franxx exists. My life would not be the same without it.

Or her.

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