Moxie ★★★

SO. I was thinking a lot of things during this so might as well just say them. I didn't expect to have a lot of thoughts for this film but it's a review and my account so Imma do what I gotta do.
I like this movie. It has a good energy to it and I really liked these characters. All the performances were very good, with Lauren Tsai and Nico Hiraga being my favorites. I really enjoyed its feminine take and the criticisms it takes on being a girl. Obviously, I am not a girl so I can't relate to what a girl goes through, but it's easy to sympathize and understand where these girls are coming from. It's very funny and has a good charm to it. Amy Poehler has definitely improved as a director compared to her first film. However, this film also feels trapped and outdated at certain parts. It feels like every 2000s teen movie or Disney Channel original movie, with its generic bully and just moments of things that don't happen in real life. I didn't expect this to be 100% realistic, but they could've tried a little harder. The social media aspect was also handled very oddly and it probably would've benefited from a social media consultant. They also make a cheapshot towards a certain character that felt totally out of left field, like it would've been better if they didn't bring up a name, but they needed an emotional thing to make you care more. It would've been better if it was just not mentioned. This is kind of a reluctant positive review, in that the message of the film was more satisfying than the actual story. I say it's worth the watch, but a cautious watch. Also I'll watch anything with Josie Totah. Also also Ethel Beavers shows up!

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