Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ★½

An all-American garbage fire, co-opting everything from 9/11 imagery, news reports of ISIS and Boko Haram massacres, mass shooting vigils, to Yemeni genocide and all for what?

Snyder is a juvenile nihilist, an abject opponent of human life using the bloated, multi-million-dollar comic book movie as grounds to convey his 10th-grade frustrations, an opportunistic ploy at guiding the discourse that's been received as a vulgar auteurist masterstroke by those who desperately want to project superiority onto a non-Disney product: congratulations, you really showed up McDonald's by eating Carl's Jr. There are no good guys. Except for when there are bad guys, then those dudes we considered bad are actually the good guys, because, fuck, look at those bad guys. The bell has already been rung, and there's no other solution than to destroy. Cue the Justice League, a superhuman army whose powers to destroy cover time, space, and air: that’ll be another 20 dollars, please.

Besides its dubious nature, this just doesn't click: it gracelessly clunks along all herky-jerky, trudging towards a foregone conclusion rather than exploring the themes it ceaselessly provokes, like a grad student writing their dissertation Cards Against Humanity style. That forgone conclusion? To set up the next product, with more major actors playing dress-up as their cartoon CGI counter-parts zip around sucker-punching other cartoons in a soporific medley of pissy yellows, muddy browns, darkness of night and layered polygons. The titular battle is a nonevent: one punches the other, they’re down for the count, then they slowly arise and wallop into the other, they fall over, rinse and repeat.

Major, new characters are introduced as if we've seen them before, and, sure, we all know who Batman is, but to have the audience assume his traits is not only lazy, it effectively tells us that you intend to do nothing new with the persona. Except that he MURDERS motherfuckers now, apparently. If Batman truly is the only one to stop an alien creature that can destroy our planet, then wouldn’t that make Americ-*cough*, I mean, Batman just as legitimate of a a threat? Snyder would rather portray a saint at the end of his rope than contend with the super-heroism of fascist powers. BATMAN V. SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE is the most egregious pro-drone strike film ever made: kill heaps of innocents and murder your foes, as long as the eyes in the sky make the city feel safe. completely and utterly unsure if lex luthor is meant to be seen as a sociopath with a point or some gotcha satire of technobrat hegemony, but hey, there's some nice music here and there.

Waxing in poetics about the nature of justice, its psychopathic heroes' rampages are ultimately justified through Snyder's adoring camera and the millions of toys being sold in their image in stores across the globe. Zero courage in the conviction of its already feeble politics, flopping over backwards in its useless self-critique to still blindly exalt the existence and community service of its Randian figures.. The fictional paragons of blanket heroism in the United States have been (further) malformed into the faces of fascism. BATMAN V. SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE is the big-budget bile byproduct of Trump's America. Choke on it <3