Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman

👍 Holy shit talk about a one-two gut punch and a fucking half. This is a seriously impressive directorial debut from Emerald Fennell that I think takes a more original direction with this genre of revenge films and does something much more effective with it. A lot of people championed Coralie Fargeat's Revenge as the most unique and inventive female revenge film in recent years, but I disagree, I think it's a fun mess of a film. This on the other hand, is a fucking fantastically written story that goes to more realistic, shocking and uncomfortable places than most of these films tend to, by grounded it much more firmly in reality and taking a very different approach to revenge.

I'm being intentionally vague here too, as I want the film itself to do the talking cause there are many twists throughout (Not a spoiler, you'll get this pretty early on) and I'd rather the majority were a surprise. One of the biggest being how great Bo Burnham is in a legit dramatic role, he's really fucking solid here. Alison Brie even gets a look in playing an ASSHOLE and there's a few minor appearances from the likes of the legendary Alfred Molina, Kurgan himself, Clancy Brown and a long forgotten Christopher Mintz Plasse. None of these would be here without a blistering central performance from Carey Mulligan. This may very well be her at her career best.

The film really lines you up and knows right when to hit you with the serious gut punches. Many penny dropping situations that had me literally talking at my telly saying "Aw no way". It's a clever and fearless film, and I was admittedly worried at first because the dude-bro male chauvinist businessman dialogue at the beginning is so on the nose and even the more "nice guy" stuff felt a bit forced at times, purely because it felt a bit self-aware when referencing these types of dickheads, especially compared to the realistic subtlety of all that stuff as the film goes on. Those bits FELT like written dialogue, especially in comparison to how natural the rest was.

Other than that though, I don't think I have a bad word to say about this one. It tackles a realistic subject, in a realistic and unique way (stretching the realism only a tad) and manages to keep shocking and surprising all the way to the end. It's also visually really strong and colourful.

It's hard to call it a fun film, I mean there are fun moments throughout, but it's definitely a serious thriller at heart and one that'll get under your skin. One line in particular was pretty effective is one that can resonate with me too. As a man, it's a terrifying thought to be wrongly accused of rape, and that point is brought up as "Every guy's worst nightmare" only to be followed with "Can you guess what every woman's worst nightmare is?".

Top tier stuff!