Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★★

I'm starting to think he's a psycopath

This ruled. You know when a title card comes up that says "Liver, Lungs, Spleen, and Heart" you're in for a gem. As someone who generally dislikes Guy Ritchie, this is the one that actually worked for me. A role made for Jason Statham, who gets to use his steely exterior to create an enigmatic character instead of trying to do things he's not good at.

The sound is incredible, whether it be the pulsing score or the Johnny Cash needle drop. The opening credits, which are a bit corny otherwise, are actually kinda genius in the way they withhold famous names, like Post Malone in a fun cameo and Rob Delaney and Andy Garcia, who plays maybe my least favorite/least understood character.

Love the structure that draws you in with the unknown Statham doing crazy shit ("So they just walked away?") and then explaining his backstory. Love me some good crosscutting. Saw a review that called this a cross between THE LIMEY and HEAT and that seems pretty apt. Instead of creating parallel tracks of family and heist antics like DEN OF THIEVES, which gets too long and is often distracted from guns and money, it is all tied together here to create a propulsive downhill-running machine.

I clapped when the final credits rolled, after a finale I didn't even particularly like. That is not something I do.

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