Raiders of the Lost Ark

Raiders of the Lost Ark ★★★★★

While Temple of Doom is my favorite Indy film, this is definitely the most well made. 

Steven Spielberg did something so unique with this film and introduced us to a character that on the surface looks and acts like a super tough guy who’s quick and emotionless but we quickly get to learn more about who he is and we’re able to relate to him as we see he’s still a person. This has one of the best opening scenes in film history and I can’t believe I forgot Alfred Molina was in this too......whaaaaat!!! So good! It’s suspenseful, raw, gritty. Has a super great fleshed out relationship between Indy and Marion. Something I love about especially the first two Indiana Jones films is how real the chemistry is between the love interests and Indy. It’s Indy vs the Nazis in a race for the Ark of The Covenant!! The ultimate McGuffin film! I love the way Spielberg chooses to direct these films. Everything important is perfectly set in the frame to grab your attention, great angles compliment the atmosphere perfectly, and man do I love those zoom shots when all you see is the eyes of Harrison Ford!  This film carries an amazing pace and a perfectly executed narrative making it the BEST MADE Indy film. I’m willing to admit that, even if it’s not my favorite!😉

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