i know how to have fun but some of u are just racists lmfao

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  • Great White

    Great White


    Very decent shark movie. Looked good, the women survived, the men died (the only one I feel bad for was Benny), and those hatefulass sharks got killed in a fun way. 

    The bad: Thee usual “kill the dark skinned person first” and “angry, evil, aggressive for no reason man of color” tropes. Not enough shark attack shots.

  • The Day the Earth Stood Still

    The Day the Earth Stood Still


    White people making sci-fi and blaming everyone for their issues AND projecting their barbarianism onto others always gets me heated. So I was a bit annoyed for a chunk of this film...

    With that being said, it was good and I cried when Jacob took Klaatu to his fathers grave🥺🥺.

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