Safety Not Guaranteed

Safety Not Guaranteed ★★★½

This movie had no right to make me feel so much.

I picked something that looked easy to watch and was free on Netflix to play in the background while I folded laundry, but by the end of the 1:25 runtime, I found myself sitting on my living room floor, clutching my laptop, allowing myself care deeply about a Mark Duplass character.

It's not that this movie is exceptional or beautifully shot or even all that consequential, but it does a lot with its somewhat silly premise and limited cast of characters. Its depth slowly sneaks up on you. In some ways, it might work better as a play, but regardless I fully bought into the quirky cast and their relationships to one another.

Maybe it's living through quarantine, where time feels flattened and the physical spaces we occupy are so far and few between, that makes one man's time-travel fantasy about going back to a happier moment hit all the more poignantly.

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