WALL·E ★★★★★

Scavenger Hunt #54 - 1/30 - Watch a movie where the protagonist is happy/satisfied with their life

Among the best O_O

This deserves to be on BFI... such an amazing movie!

I love how this two robots have more personality than many of the characters we see today... cough, Rey, cough. So little dialogue, but so many meanings. First, Wall-E and Eve are on of the cutest relationships and yeah, this movie contains one of the best love stories (for me, of course). The story is sad and happy at the same time... Pixar has some great ideas! The animation is gorgeous and the music choices are so good! I love this movie and the part with Wall-E when he (you know what happens), managed to make some tears appear... I love when animations make me emotional.

Until Toy Story 4 is released on Blu-Ray, I have to watch/rewatch all the Pixar movies... this is going to be fun!

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