WALL·E ★★★★½

And Pixar strikes again...fuck. Why did I wait so long to rewatch this. Seriously, this is a really great film. A children's silent film with a post apocalyptic world, then an homage to 2001: A Space Odyssey? It's certainly a daring film, and most definitely a brilliant one.

Set in a fictitious earth, where due to human ignorance and pollution, we had to relocate to a spaceship, where we wait and wait until all the WALL.E robots clean up the entire earth. Then EVE comes along, finds a plant, and takes off, but not before she/he attracts the WALL.E robot.

Must I say, the film is gorgeous. Mixing live action with CGI sparingly was an odd choice, I mean is it like that's animation in that world or something? I don't know, but still, the film is colorful and huge. The character designs are adorable, and not to mention the ship itself is wonderful to look at.

The characters, for the first half, are funny and sweet. Yet, they never say much to each other. A bit Chaplin or Keaton-esque, they have a unique romance, that is just joyous to watch. It's cute, and funny. We learn so much about WALL.E from the get go, he's in the mood for love, he's doing his duty, he's lonely but curious, all without a word. And when he meets EVE, I had a huge smile on my face, tears brimming at my eyes, it simply was beautiful to watch.

The film also mixes drama and its humor together real well. I was laughing and crying at this! It's what Pixar seems to do best here, and I can't think of any complaints for the story, save for one deus ex machina, and that's it. I actually cared for everyone on that ship, especially that captain; I really liked that captain of the ship. He was such a good guy, especially when he was asking about Earth, I'm not afraid to say that I smiled like an idiot when I saw that.

WALL.E has everything that I love about film. It has humor, it has the romance, it has the characters, it especially has the beauty, and it has that robot that cleans everything. It's a beautiful film about hope, and it's a wonderful film to watch with the fam kiddoz. Simply amazing.

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