Ready or Not

Ready or Not ★★½

The film is pretty loved on here, so feel free to ignore this lone mad voice, but man, this did nothing for me. It's competently directed, looks great, has committed performance, and a couple of fun gags (nail!), but it feels endlessly trapped in the first ten minutes of a second act. Every time it feels like it's going to break out into the bloody chaos, the movie pulls back. I don't get it. Why introduce so many characters if you're not going to ANYYYYYTTTHHHHHIIINNNNNG with them?


As it rolled on, I kept going "The shit may finally be about to hit the fan!", but it never did. There are EIGHT DIFFERENT BAD GUYS, each clearly delineated with their own goals and personality quirks and none of them suffer any injuries until the LAST FIVE MINUTES - where they're all killed off in quick succession in the exact same lame way. I would have given this three stars until the wet fart of an ending.

Was the budget slashed right before filming started?

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