Tenet ★★★★

Like many have said before me, not nolans best work, but I still loved it. 

Slight non heavy spoiler in the last sentence of the next section.

The use of inversion and the science behind it was dope. Beautiful shots and oh... ludwigs score. LUDWIGS SCORE. Words cant describe how happy my ears were. Something I love about Nolans films are how grand they always are. And this is definitely grand. Giving it more thought after the viewing, the timeline is absolutely fascinating to me, and leaves little crumbs to let you ponder for a bit. I love that. 

I personally did not have a huge issue with the sound mixing, but I did see it in a dolby theater. Regardless, I still suggest asking for the lil subtitle device just in case.

They key reason why I love Nolan films is this general feeling of awe. I don’t know how else to describe it, but I was hoping I would see his next inception, and while this is great, it isn’t exactly revolutionary. Who knows though, maybe this movie will age well with rewatches n thoughts. Even now im still thinking and realizing stuff I may have missed. Just go see it.

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