The City Without Jews

The City Without Jews ★★★

”What once was, remains eternally possible.”
- written down in the 16th century by an Amsterdam rabbi

The CITY WITHOUT JEWS is a film adaptation of a novel, which must be described as visionary in the most terribly imaginable way.

Vienna embodies as location the fictitious place Utopia, in which the story is settled. It hurts the soul and one starts to cry when one imagines what only a decade later took place in the Austrian capital Vienna, everywhere else in Austria and in Germany. Hugo Bettauer, the author of the book, was shot a few months after the premiere of the film by a National Socialist.

The novel is much more dramatic and explicit in its indictment than the movie. And yet not nearly as dramatic and terrible as all those events that were to become reality only a few years later. I am ashamed of those who can do such cruelty to their former friends, colleagues, neighbors and fellow human beings. Especially ashamed because I was born in Austria.

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