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  • The Long Voyage Home

    The Long Voyage Home


    The Long Voyage Home (1940) One of the most beautiful jobs of black-and-white cinematography ever achieved, in service of a magnificently poetic rendering by a great director of a work by a playwright of profound genius. Eugene O’Neill loved this film more than any other adaptation of his work, and it’s no wonder. O’Neill’s love and respect for his poetic vision of the sea, so evocatively captured in a monologue by Edmund in Long Day’s Journey into Night, finds its…

  • Olympus Force: The Key

    Olympus Force: The Key

    Almost utterly incomprehensible comedy about Greek gods coming back to life and getting involved in human spy adventures. Richard Todd and Christopher Lee do their professional best in very small roles, but almost everyone else overacts as if there were an Italian villa as first prize. One of the three or four most atrocious films I've ever seen.

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