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  • Apocalypse Now

    Apocalypse Now


    This is why I watch movies.

    This is cinema in its best and purest form. Apocalypse Now is perfect in every aspect of filmmaking and somehow is also able to transcend the medium with its soul (the result of a soul-crushing production) and its grandeur.

    It serves as an argument both in favor of and against the auteur theory. Clearly not something you can achieve without someone who had a vision like Coppola did, but also definitely not a sustainable…

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  • My Spy

    My Spy


    I don't know if it's because I was vibing with some friends at the drive-in theater but this was actually quite entertaining.

    There's just something about Dave Bautista doing the Whip Nae Nae dance to the sound of Cardi B in the middle of a date in a fancy restaurant that's dumbfounding.

  • Flashwood


    Désolé mon Jean-Carl mais ton film suce sur un osti d'temps

    C'tait plus divertissant de regarder le gars qui devait booster son char parké en face de moi dans le ciné-parc.

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  • In a Heartbeat

    In a Heartbeat


    Hey it's your generic love story but it's about gay people.

    Letterboxd: Better give this a 5 star then!

  • Lords of Chaos

    Lords of Chaos


    The Goodfellas of Norwegian Black Metal

    Lords of Chaos follows the story of the Black Circle, a group of young Norwegian who revolutionized the heavy metal scene in the early 1990's, most notably the band Mayhem and its guitarist Euronymous, played by Rory Curkin, as well as Burzum's own Varg Vikernes, played by Emory Cohen who gives a breakout performance. Church burnings and murder are amongst the things that this underground movement proclaims.

    This movie was directed by Jonas Åkerlund,…