Old ★★★★

This high-concept Twilight Zone esque sun-kissed thriller feels like Shyamalan’s patented career interest of the family unit put under the microscope taken to its most psychologically/physically fractured, extreme conclusion reconciling open wounds and the inevitability of time and death all in a heightened short span of time, with the process of the rapidly aging of its high-concept realized within the filmmaking itself. The particular half or partial obfuscated blocking of the young actors conveys the unnatural transformations as unsettling as all out, with the intentional stilted & funny, yes intentional, dialogue accentuating this strange atmosphere. Apart from that, the blocking in general and dexterous camerawork works overtime to deliver maximum shock and thrills (me during that whip pan zoom), just some of the most audacious and inventive filmmaking I’ve seen all year. Feels like the movie Shyamalan has been building towards to in this later era of his career, and it fucking rocks. Sad but not surprised to see the mixed reception to this, i bet if it came out in the 80’s it would be heralded as an instant cult classic.

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