Inferno ★★★★

Funny how much your opinion can change after just a year.

The first time i watched this i completely wrote it off, thinking it was just a poor attempt to recapture what made SUSPIRIA so special. I’ve been a fool, this is classic Argento! I think what turned me off about it initially was its disorganized structure leading me to think it was boring. It still feels wobbly, but now i appreciate that untidiness as Argento pushing his dream logic further without a regard to general plotting/pacing. It feels pretty surreal as a result and there are set pieces that genuinely feel like they’ve been plucked out of someone’s nightmare. That whole underwater sequence is a prime example, and it’s both creepy af & mesmerizing in its opaque nature.

The colors in this aren’t as dominating as SUSPIRIA, but they’re still incredibly lush all around. Shades of red, blue & green irresistibly overtake the screen while the film descents into the building's labyrinth of darkness, accompanied by a grandiose score that fucking bangs. If you were going to get lost in a sea of dilapidated rooms, it might as well be from this wicked ass nightmare.

The death scenes are pretty gnarly too, gory and totally suspenseful. I actually forgot how the shopkeeper dies, so it really caught me off guard when the rats weren't the thing that kills him. Dude deserved it tho.

I should have known better than to doubt early Argento, the man had my heart ever since i first watched DEEP RED many years ago, and this has certainly been added to my favorites.

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