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  • Girlfriends
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  • Sheila Levine is Dead and Living in New York
  • Slaves of New York

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  • Peeping Tom


  • Demons 2


  • The Velvet Underground


  • Garfield's Halloween Adventure


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  • How to Build a Girl

    How to Build a Girl

    Total shite. The worst film I've ever seen. I turned it off in disgust about 10 minutes in, felt guilty for doing so, and foolishly went back for more. I have a lot of time for Caitlin Moran, and have enjoyed her writing over the years, but this was disgraceful.

    I never again want to feel the way I felt watching this. It was a gut-level, viscerally embarrassing experience. My partner and I were constantly glancing over to one another,…

  • Spinster



    I worship Chelsea so wanted to like this a lot more than I actually did but it’s still a sweet little film with its heart in the right place. It just feels a little thinly sketched and, most disappointingly, it’s not really all that funny. It also feels like it was shot about 6 years ago and has been languishing in post-production or something. Jokes about Siri? Really? 

    Sounds like I hated it but I didn’t at all. It’s perfectly enjoyable…