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  • King Lear
  • Hitler: A Film from Germany
  • Solaris
  • 2001: A Space Odyssey

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  • A Week's Vacation


  • 1945


  • Uncle Vanya


  • The French Minister


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  • A Week's Vacation

    A Week's Vacation

    A delicate film from Bertrand Tavernier on teachers and the importance of teachers "listening" to their students. Nathalie Baye plays Laurence, who has been teaching school kids in their early teens in a school in Lyons, France. Laurence, is under stress from her workload, and is given a week's vacation. During the week, she watches a lonely woman with no visitors across her apartment. Her aged father is bedridden and in pain and enjoys the brief visit of his daughter.…

  • 1945


    Hungarian cinema keeps rebounding with stunning films. This one has notable direction, very good cinematography, visual and sound editing, rarely matched in international cinema. The klippety-klop of the horse shoes on various human beings is unforgettable, even when you don't see the animal.

Popular reviews

  • Mirror


    Many have reviewed this masterpiece. Yet it is important to keep in perspective the real life family members of Tarkovsky. This helps the viewer to understand the subtle details in the film. My detailed review of the film attempts to do just that at moviessansfrontiers.blogspot.in/2013/06/146-russian-maestro-andrei-tarkovskys.html

  • Conversation Piece

    Conversation Piece

    On a second viewing after a 35 year gap, I am convinced this is indeed a lovely work and a major work of Visconti. This is is also one of those rare films that an actor--Burt Lancaster--helped a director to make a great film. (One recalls Kirk Douglas prevailing on Stanley Kubrick to change the ending of Paths of Glory, only to make it a major work of cinema). Here, Burt Lancaster, staked his own money to complete the film…