The Green Inferno

The Green Inferno ★★★

"Have you ever had fantasies of saving a tribe?" - Alejandro.

Eli Roth Ranked:

So today I tried to understand why people hate and/or love Eli Roth and I can't figure out either yet. I am a firm Eli Roth moderate because I think he consistently makes movies that are fine. I think his direction is average at best but he is willing to make bizarre choices . None of his characters are likable at all because Roth hates them and he lays on the satire a little thick, but I also kind of like that his movies frustrate the hell out of people. I've can't recall a director that more people go out of their way to watch just so they can shit on him.

In The Green Inferno, a group of privileged, idealistic, naive, rich, narcissistic college students follow a charismatic organizer into the depths of Peru in order to face great danger, confronting a corporation that is trying to destroy the indigenous lands of a native group. On their way home a plane crash leaves them stranded among the indigenous population they were just attempting to save and lets just say most of them will never get home to post pictures of themselves with brown children on Instagram.

Honestly, the characters in this film are slightly compelling to me because as someone that went to a preppy college and teaches idealistic students most of these characters ring a little more true than people are willing to admit. I think the scenes in Peru prior to the activism are actually pretty suspenseful. The stuff that happens with the tribe is such a cluster-fuck that I remained relatively interested in what was about to happen and perpetually grinned at the stupidity. That said, I never really attempted to take this film seriously, as some seem to have, nor do I get easily bothered by extreme content such as that in this film.

Should you watch it? If you like body horror and are in a cynical but non-pretentious mood sure. I kind of enjoyed it for a watch but like every Eli Roth film, I doubt I'll ever watch it again.

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