The Curse of La Llorona ★★½

"Yeah, cuz in Spanish the two L's are pronounced like a Y." - My Favorite AMC Bartender... very proud of himself.

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This is EXACTLY why I never let my daughter play with demon ladies!

I'm not giving this a super low score because it''s probably got the most effective jump scares since the Conjuring, for me at least. Typically when I go to see a jump scare movie I'm interested in seeing jump scares. Yes you can see them coming but when in the right mood that's part of the fun for me. In addition, Linda Cardellini and the kids give effective enough performances that kept a slight hold on my interest. Overall though the story is pretty retched. This lore could have been better developed with a more effective flashback or story. The third act is a major letdown and there's just nothing special for me about Raymond Cruz' performance.

Dolby really enhances Wan style films because of the sound design so I'm assuming this would be a full star lower if watched at home.

P.S. That Scooby Doo reference was the best.

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