Missing Link ★★★

"What distracts me from reality is bigfoot," - Megan Fox (NIF),

-2019 Ranked: boxd.it/2lsbC
-Laika Ranked: boxd.it/2Rdpe

Confusing dried poop with a cookie... I don't buy it.

Big Sasquatch believer here so I may have expected too much...that is NOT what bigfoot looks like.This is my least favorite Laika movie but I still really like it...Laike films are great. I think I wanted a slightly better script with a more likeable arc for the "hero." I enjoy the idea of him wanting acceptance among academics and realizing emotional connections and adventure are more important but it just felt too paint by numbers.

The animation and vocal performances are wonderful. There are long fight sequences and nature scenes and it's just really cool to see stop-motion animation done to this level of mastery.

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