Midsommar ★★★★

"You didn't think I'd forget your birthday did you?" -Douchey Christian,

I know he’s a shitty boyfriend, but as an academic I have to say that Christian's stealing a thesis offended me more.

Rewatching movies from 2019 and focusing on the acting. Watched this to see (1) If Florence Pugh was snubbed (2) If I would be less grumpy about the length of the film when I could watch it at home. The answers go no then yes. I think Florence Pugh is great in this but, for me, isn't quite a top 5 performance of the year. That said, please stan away she is great and is probably one of my 10 favorite performances of the year. Also, while I still believe that this movie is too long I was being a bit of a grinch at 3.5.

Somebody alert Ari Aster that I'm raising my rating to 4 stars. Recommend.

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