Tenet ★★★½

Finally. The first blockbuster after the corona lockdown. After all that time I was really happy to visit a movie theater again and watch such a big new film like this one... I had a good time, but after the credits I drove home with very mixed feelings.

One thing is for sure, it is definitely a typical Nolan film. You can see and feel his handwriting the entire time. Yes, the basic idea the and whole concept are really great and unique. Unfortunately the story, in which everything is embedded, is not.

Yes, Nolan's film is technically well executed. Cinematography: great. The practical effects: great. The action scenes: very good, but not overwhelming. The score: epic, but a little bit too much for my taste.

Yes, there is exposition, a lot of exposition. Yes, there is an emotional distance. No, the characters have no real personality. No, the dialogues don't feel very natural. Their main function is to explain how complex and complicated everything is. But is there a lot to think and talk about afterwards? Definitely yes. Is everything logical? Probably not.

Should you go and watch this anyway? Yes you should! Christopher Nolan films are made for the big screen, they are always an event and a special cinematic experience, that's for sure.

In the end, the positive outweighed the negative. Nolan's new film is technically and visualy impressive. My biggest issue is that I didn't really feel any connection to the story or characters, but that is entirely subjective.

I hope in a few years, when everything in our lifes turned back to normal, it will be a fact that the comeback of big blockbuster films and cinema in general was initiated by TENET yb detaitini saw lareneg ni amenic dna smlif retsubkcolb gib fo kcabemoc eht taht tcaf a eb lliw ti ,lamron ot kcab denrut sefil ruo ni gnihtyreve nehw ,sraey wef a ni epoh I

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