Tenet ★★

Well, I did it; I watch Tenet, and here is my reaction after watching it: cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/840362014773739602/874069103550267452/The_Tenet_Effect.mov

Honestly, this movie was fucking awful. In the past, I really liked Christopher Nolan's movies because of how they are presented and treat their audience with respect. The Prestige (watched recently before this) was an underrated gem for which I am proud of owning the DVD copy. I enjoyed the Dark Knight Trilogy, especially The Dark Knight. Inception was a fantastic film because of how the characters were treated and where the story was going. Interstellar was enjoyable to watch, not great, but the soundtrack from Han Zimmer was a banger, and Dunkirk is probably the best non-Sci-fi film he has put out (also a better WWII movie). Now we arrived.......... with this.

Flaws: I don't even know how to start this section when this movie has so many flaws with boring dialogue that gets uninteresting when you are tying that with your story. The way time is used in this movie does not make sense and has no strong character development at all when it comes to the main character and secondary characters. The editing in this movie was a very huge letdown for a Nolan movie because of how they cut scenes randomly and just fuck up the pacing for it. The soundtrack wasn't even that good, the way the soundtrack is used was completely wasted.

Rant: Tenet was released last year (at the time of posting this review) during a pandemic and Nolan thinks he has the balls TO RELEASE A MOVIE IN FUCKING THEATERS WHILE COVID IS STILL SPREADING. I don't fucking understand why you think that is a good idea. Do you care about the human race at all or are you so full of shit that you just gave up on your audience and tried to save cinema just for attention and money (which failed spectacularly)? Releasing a movie with boring dialogue, bad editing, and a bullshit story to save cinema is just retarded. The presentation is not even that good!!! Stop being over the top Nolan, you are not helping cinema, You are only making it worse. Not only are you making it worse for cinema and your audience, but for yourself. If you release another movie like Tenet again, then this can be the downfall of your directing career if you continue going down this path. You are a piece of shit human being who has no logic in seeing the problem that is still happening today. Fuck you Nolan, fuck you!!!!

Praises: Well, with that rant out of the way, there are some positives that I can give this movie credit for. The action sequences were pretty cool and entertaining because of how well-choreographed it is. The reverse action scenes were cool as well. There are two actors that I thought played their part well: Kenneth Branagh (who plays as the villain) and Michael Caine. Although I wish Caine's character had more time on screen since he is in a Nolan film after all. There were some special effects used in the movie that were handled very well.

From the beginning of this year, I remember when I put my log that said, "I can confirm to you that Chrisopher Nolan is totally an anti vaxer and wants you to die from COVID." Now, I am right with what I said because this movie was fucking awful in its presentation and the way the movie is portrayed. The positives didn't carry the movie a lot. As a matter of fact, they didn't even save the movie for being good but push it back to being a bad movie. If you are a Nolan fan, who does not want to waste time with an over-the-top movie, avoid this. Again, Christopher Nolan..... fuck you.

Grade Verdict:
2/5 - (Production)
3/10 - (Hype)
C- - (Opinion)

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