Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation ★★★


I had finally gotten my chance to watch Lost in Translation for the first time, a film I had been looking forward to for many years of anticipation. And, as it usually goes (here comes the unpopular opinion), I'm left rather cold. Having heard so much about how emotionally connective this film was for many, I was ready to develop an emotional attachment to two characters who connect in a land where they stand out, they becoming each other's cure for their loneliness. I was open to the idea of even tearing up. I wanted to be so emotionally invested into these characters. However, I didn't believe the spontaneous connection. Bill Murray was phenomenal as this aging Movie Star who enters a midlife crisis of questions and regrets. Scarlett Johansson, not so much. She was very good, but not on the level of believability Murray executed here. In order for me to fully believe the film, you have to truly believe that their connection in this out of place world is real and in order for that to have worked, both actors would have had to made their audience believe that a middle-aged man and a young woman can simply connect. Lost in Translation failed for me, in this case. I thought it was decent, but could've been better. Maybe I'll revisit this in years to come, but this first time watch left me cold.

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