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  • Dead Man's Letters

    Dead Man's Letters


    a treatise on the human condition 
    in times of nuclear fallout.

    this feels like a lost film that someone
    discovered in a vat of toxic waste.

    the imagery, shrouded in sepia tones, fog, 
    explosions, steam punk, and corpses donning
    oxygen masks, is cryptic and otherworldly.

    think Threads meets Whispering Pages.

    it is quite clear that Lopushansky is a protege of Andrei Tarkovsky. his hypnotic style and arresting imagery are highly similar to both Tarkovsky and Russia’s other cinematic auteur - Aleksandr…

  • Spring Breakers

    Spring Breakers


    To quote John Waters, who sums this up perfectly:

    “The best sexploitation film of the year has Disney tween starlets hilariously undulating, snorting cocaine, and going to jail in bikinis. What more could a serious filmgoer possibly want?“

    Not much more needs to be said than this. Spring Breakers is my favorite Korine film by far - and my favorite to revisit, partially due to the fact that it was shot in my hometown. 

    Not only is it a scathing commentary on…

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  • Samadhi



    enlightenment encapsulated in less than 10 minutes.

    i could have watched this for an hour at least.

    how in god’s name was this made in 1967?
    in many ways it makes sense, with the birth of the counterculture movement, and the rising popularity of zen in the west. but these are images that predate 2001: a space odyssey and still manage to create the most serene sense of mind expanding awe.

  • Tenet



    me watching this on a godly amount of edibles: wut

    surely didn’t try to understand it, but certainly felt it.

    Nolan firing on all cylinders to an enthralling, but oftentimes exhausting degree. Could certainly see this becoming more enjoyable on repeated viewings.

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  • Blue Valentine

    Blue Valentine


    This movie will probably forever hold a spot in my top ten favorite films. I believe Blue Valentine is the most authentic film ever made that details the blossoming and slow degradation of love. I have never seen a film so unflinchingly realistic in terms of character dynamics and chemistry. It is easily the best performances I have yet to see from Gosling and Williams. Cianfrance edits this film masterfully by cutting between the early days of romance where hope…

  • mother!



    Darren Aronofsky never fails to create maddeningly intense character studies where the people on screen suffer just as much as the audience does. Aronofsky’s latest tour-de-force, Mother!, is possibly his most ambitious film to date, and definitely his most divisive. I haven’t seen such a civil war of opinion in the film community in a long, long time. I cannot help but feel so happy that ambitious arthouse films such as Mother! are being financed by major studios and receiving…