Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ★★★★★

A flurry of immense and insurmountable abstractions - this is my first time viewing the film since its initial release and I enjoyed it even more than the first time, everything is a mirror image of something else - that opening sequence! Darkness in the forefront of the frame and light in the background illuminating the front, the Destruction Of Metropolis is a flash of white destruction extrapolating in fifteen minutes all the ideas Snyder is going to explore - at once the form and narrative of the film is engulfed in destructive dust and flashes of ruination... Affleck is the centre of gravity and the entire universe spins around him but Superman is our God.... one of the major recurring motifs throughout the film is a painting of demons and Earth, but at the end the painting is flipped upside down once more - chaos reigns, God is dead and nothing is insurmountable - not even the existential questions that strike fear into our souls.
This is a pop-culture portrayal of counter-culture that forms in response to the widespread beliefs of those that subscribe to the culture within the film. Confused yet? You shouldn't be, Snyder directs everything with such precise and linear intentions.

Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice is about corruption from above (corruption of God and corruption of government, the two big G-words) and paranoia that spreads until we haven't got anything left to trust aside from violence and structure. I will never run out of things to say about this film, Snyder's crowning achievement: a horrific, senseless and abstract betrayal of the senses that highlights fear and leaves only destruction in its wake, culminating in an infinite exploration of self-worth and idealistic belief as the final moments play out. Watching Eisenberg unleash and wreak havoc on the very concept of identity and control is incredible, Snyder focuses on shifting light-forms and nonsensical spaces as if to reinforce for us that this is real, this is all there is. There is no God and there is no Good but there is a Superman, as there is Silence.

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