Inferno ★★★★

Argento knows who to pick for film scores, Morricone, Goblin and Keith Emerson. All scores I go out of my way to listen to and buy physical copies of. I can’t say that for many films I consume, most flicks have OSTs that work well on screen, but aren’t the must accessible elsewhere. Argento hires composers who would make great music even without a film to score and it always helps heightens his films. Music is truly one of the strongest component of his filmography. Something he has in common with Carpenter. Emerson makes a wicked and beautiful soundtrack while playing piano and synths and blistering speeds. 

The colors are a beautiful mess of red and blue, making way for a passionate purple to always seep in through the cracks. It’s just a joy to soak in all these wild colorful, fucked-up, nightmare fuel. It feels so simultaneously real and artificial. Perfect for recreating what nightmares feel like 

I give this a half star bump on a rewatch. Although great, it’s not as perfect as many of his other films are (to me). I have a bit of trouble connecting with characters in this film. Plus, any movie with a sack of cats getting fucked with can’t have a perfect score in my book.

4 beautifully lit guillotines out of 5

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