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  • Mirror
  • The Color of Pomegranates
  • Bastards
  • A Canterbury Tale

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  • Prince of Darkness


  • The Fog


  • Burnt Offerings


  • All Hands on Deck


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  • A Canterbury Tale

    A Canterbury Tale


    I can't write anything constructive about this film. My reasons for loving it are far too personal to be of interest to anyone else.
    It's simply one of the most magical films ever made and its existence has improved, and will continue to improve, my life.
    Isn't it fantastic the way films can do that?

  • 3 Godfathers

    3 Godfathers


    Far better than its reputation. Ford's filmography is ridiculously strong and it's a joy to discover that even the films of his that are considered 'lesser Ford' are fantastic by any other standard.
    I loved 3 Godfathers.