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  • WandaVision



    episode 6: all-new halloween spooktacular!

    first things first: WANDA DID THAT!
    the twins, oh god, i just want to protect tommy and billy at all costs, they're so cute! i'm in love with them.
    the opening credits scene in this one is my favorite.
    this episode just blew me up (just like the other ones did).
    also, i didn't know i had such a huge crush on evan peters as pietro/peter maximoff until now.

  • Locke



    listening to tom hardy's voice while his driving is very telling of what i like about cinema.

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  • WandaVision



    episode 3: now in color.

    they mentioned pietro. they finally mentioned him since age of ultron... i'm not okay, i miss him so much.

  • Whiplash



    "not quite my tempo."

    i can't believe how i took so long to watch this masterpiece. la la land was the first damien chazelle's film that i watch and since i loved it, i was looking foward to watch whiplash and man, wow. just wow. what a experience! miles teller and especially, j.k simmons, they stole the show. every scene has a tension between them that i couldn't look away in any second. the whole movie is made with perfection.…