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  • Call Me by Your Name

    Call Me by Your Name


    Is it so much to ask for Michael Stuhlbarg to both be my dad and read every audiobook known to man? Cause I don’t think I’m asking too much here.

  • The Spectacular Now

    The Spectacular Now


    Went into this being super fucking sad, then I paused it and talked to a friend in the middle of it who cheered me up a bit. Worked a little bit less when I was chilled out, but still worked and will remain a hallmark of my teenage years.

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  • Annie Hall

    Annie Hall


    Golly, the outfits here all slap so hard. And then Jeff Goldblum just shows up out of nowhere. It works and it sucks.

  • Back to the Future

    Back to the Future


    FILM #114/52

    Yeah, yeah, I get it, this movie has flaws and all that, but if its flaws bring BttF down to a 4, everything else brings it to about a 6. I believe there is a canon of 3-5 Great American Movies, and Back to the Future is definitely one of them. The other ones I have guesses on, but I’ll get to those when I get to them. God, I’m so glad I got this in 4K.