WALL·E ★★★★★

Clearly one of their best intros. The combination of happy song(Put on your sunday clothes) and that gruesome image of polluted earth is pretty effective(reminds me of Fallout). Probably second best after Up.

Extremely cute(or heart-warming) and sad at the same time.
It's cute because of WALL-E, the last robot on earth who's in love with humans, their former way of life, also because of his relationship with EVE... this whole idea of love of robots seems immature and childish and I guess normally it wouldn't work but its Pixar, if they try they can make anything work.
And it's sad, moreover disqusting because of what earth has become in here, what mankind has become: I mean look at all the people on axiom, they don't know how to open books, how to talk with other people without using technological devices.
But the film ends on the message that there's still hope, new hope.

It may be our future... Though Some of these things are alredy present

p.s. I'll think about giving this 5 stars.

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