Hood Rat

Hood Rat ★½

I was in the mood for a bad movie so I figured I might watch Hood Rat; a dollar dvd which I've been putting off watching for a year or so. Call it The Super meets Willard in the hood. Hood Rat's story is about a slumlord who is court ordered to live in his dilapidated building. Meanwhile a guy living in the buildings basement(Isaiah Washington) befriends a rat which he frees from a trap, names Tara, and holds one sided conversations with. The rat apparently feels sorry for him as he's always messed with by different ghetto residents, brings him food (gross!!!!), & eventually brings rodent reinforcements. After the death of Washington's brother due to the negligence of the buildings owner & and his eviction (even though he was paying rent for the basement he's put out in the cold) he snaps & commands his new friends and unleashes his furry fury on the slumlord, his thuggish rent collector (Ice-T) & the tenants who have wronged him.

Super cheesy, low budget chock full bad camera effects, laughably bad dialogue, very little blood, & very many live rats swarming around bodies. By no means a good movie but I definitely had a few laughs at this so-bad-its-good flick that I'm sure Ice-T and Isaiah Washington are ashamed to have in their filmography. Hood Rat is all about the cheese.