WALL·E ★★★★½

Today’s review is on Wall-e. Which is a space Pixar animation movie that is critical acclaimed by the public. 
Is Wall.E a amazing movie about space or a overrated and boring movie from Pixar? My first time experience Wall-e was in a screening with movie critic friends on June 23 2008 after work and we love the movie and thought it was one of Pixar best in a while. Know after quite a bit of rewatches, I still think that this is a great film and pretty close to Pixar best in my opinion. Pros are that the animation is breathtaking and amazing from earth to space into the space ship mostly looks amazing and look good for it”s time, possibly in my opinion one of Pixar best animation in films. Second pro is that the character development and character understanding between to two robots are pretty great and shows a lot of empathy and emotions that feel real. The other characters are very good and moves the story quickly. The acting is very great and everyone does a very good job making this movie work well as it does. The story is great and it shows a balance between earth, space experience and the ship without being messy and over the place. The first 30 minutes or so are like a robot silent film montage but done well without much talking and more character development and situations. The action is pretty great and when the robots including eve is great and shows emotions and saving the day in a good way. The soundtrack is great and fits the movie pretty well, the last song during  the end credits is great and possible my favorite song from Pixar library ever. Cons are that some of the animation especially on some of the humans look pretty outdated inside of the ship in some scenes but is like a little con for this great movie. Overall, Wall-e is a great Pixar movie that is at the top of me and other people list and wort watching for anyone that wants a great science fiction movie or just a great film as well. My rating scale for Wall-e is a 96% and a High A. My box office prediction would be high forty’s to low sixties. Overall after rewatches, Wall-e is one of those great and also underrated Pixar movies that been getting all of these mixed opinions but I love the movie that I would watch again soon. I watch this film quite a bit and it never gets old from time to time. My rating scale is a 96 percent and a A.

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