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  • The Projectionist

    The Projectionist


    Finally got to see Abel Ferrara's documentary THE PROJECTIONIST which includes a photograph I took of the Coronet/Baronet theaters back in 1976. You can read more about it by clicking on the link below. The film is now streaming on Kanopy.


  • It's a Wonderful Life

    It's a Wonderful Life


    It’s a film that's both sentimental and dark, but it’s also a film that makes you feel good about the human race knowing there are good people out there, and in these trying days we need that more than ever. Jimmy Stewart is the perfect George Bailey, a small-town man with big dreams who gives up all his dreams to help others. Still, George is convinced he’s been a failure his entire life and is about to commit suicide on…

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  • Duel at Diablo

    Duel at Diablo


    Violent western for its time with a cast headed by James Garner and Sidney Poitier along with an international cast that includes Bibi Andersson and Bill Travers. Travers seems out place and Andersson's role is beneath her talent. Garner and Poitier are solid as always though one wonders where does a dude get such a dandy outfit in the Wild West as Poitier wears? Dennis Weaver is always at his best when he plays a sniveling, racist, low life as…

  • Lady on a Train

    Lady on a Train


    Light comic mystery with musical star Deanna Durbin in a rare stretch outside her usual genre. The filmmakers do manage to squeeze in a few songs. Overall, it's entertaining with a good cast that includes Dan Duryea, Ralph Bellamy, Edward Everett Horton and Elizabeth Patterson.