Godzilla vs. Kong

What can I say, I was charmed. These Monsterverse movies may generally suck, but at least they don't skimp on the monsters. When Mechagodzilla showed up, I was giddy. Committing to a conceit as dopey as the Hollow Earth was a smart idea, as was the 5 second shot when our two heroes are both balancing on an aircraft carrier. But where is Japan in these movies! Why are they fighting in Hong Kong and not Tokyo? Haven't the people of Hong Kong suffered enough?

This movie's ideology basically vindicates QAnon-style conspiracists and Jordan Peterson style pop-generalists (early on we hear about how Kong and Godzilla's rivalry is the origin of the very idea of "ancient enemies," and that all living things have a primordial encoding that determines both their actions in a given situation and their status within the larger hierarchies of nature). In that way, the movie constitutes a genuine pop entertainment.