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  • Short Circuit

    Short Circuit


    Memories of Saturday afternoon summer rentals in 1987. Really understated playful electronic soundtrack by David Shire. Er Fisher Steven’s character. Mad how he’s just dropped in the 3rd act.

    I remember going to the cinema to watch the Sequel.

  • Wonder Woman 1984

    Wonder Woman 1984


    That Richard Donner / Dick Lester touch got me through this. Hi tech Cold War Bases and smashing up the White House. Remix of Superman 2 & 3 ideas. Even Maxwell Lord had a Donner Lex feel to him. The Mall scene is this hypercolour breath of fresh air. Globe trotting aspects. Jenkin’s is tapping into that era films. I even think 1984’s flop SuperGirl with its witch craft in places on the campy fantastical wish premise here.

    Also I’m a…

  • Aquaman



    Shot like a Golden Harvest Jackie Chan movie. Energetic low angles and fast pans. Lots of colour and pop music. Some boss-eyed contact lenses in this gaff. The complete anti Batman v Superman. Made for the summer… It’s a double can on Sunkist orange crush. (released in winter??) Good laugh this.

  • Man of Steel

    Man of Steel


    So I watched Man of Steel last night for first time, since it was new. Heard a bit of the soundtrack on online playlist.

    Still think it’s good writing as a origin story. Few good set pieces. It’s almost Superman Returns, but done right amount of personal torment and identity crisis. Papa Kent (Kevin Costner) ultimate scene is equally emotional to Glenn Ford from 1978 movie, and equally has me a mess. Cavill and Shannon chew up the screen. Great…

  • Street Hawk The Movie

    Street Hawk The Movie


    Always had fond memories of the Street Hawk pilot. Tangerine Dream’s Le Parc turns this from late super vehicle 80’s fatigue into Micheal Mann lite LA downtown streets. It comes off a bit more hard edged than it’s contemporaries.

  • Xtro



    A film that was merely a VHS cover in the video shop. Having sneaky look at the horror section as a lil’ kid. Getting the bed terrors pure just off that Xtro cover (not the poster art here; I wasn’t that much of a soft arse) There’s some ideas in this film. It’s all over the place with it. Working that practical effects dept and a load of black water bombs.

  • Elstree 1976

    Elstree 1976


    I loved this...

  • The Man Who Saved the World

    The Man Who Saved the World


    T U R K I S H    S T A R    W A R S

    It being May the 4th all that. It’s been a while.. my favorite bit to this day is when one of our hero’s starts whistling with great gusto on the newly discovered planet, because it might be a world entirely populated by woman. Fuck me, that noise echoing around a canyon. Instead of attracting the opposite sex, a bunch of bandit skeletons on…

  • The Eiger Sanction

    The Eiger Sanction


    Here for the climbing last act. The first half is this weird Diamonds are Forever parody of a parody. Forgot Vonetta McGee from the Great Silence is in this.

  • Mute



    Not sure what the issue was here. Maybe it was bad timing with BladeRunner sequels and Ghost in the Shell live action. 2017 was heavy year for cyberpunk. The bad reactions kept me away. It’s a good bit of long form TV drama. Maybe that’s what it should been from the start. Had to go back and catch the Moon’s Sam Bell cameo.
    Love the use of Bowie’s Moss Garden in one of the bars. Film was dedicated to Duncan’s Father.. and all reluctant fathers.

  • The 6th Day

    The 6th Day


    I never watched this at the time. I mean looked at that theatrical poster. Imagine it on billboard. Look at it. It’s preposterous. 

    6th Day is Cave Bullet Hell, Shoot Em’ Up - The Movie ...For a split second with that helicopter sequence down from the summit. This got whole lot better when it was comfortable with two Arnolds in the same room.

    How can a movie look this 1993 in 2000. Says more about how these films didn’t know what to do with themselves stylistically going through the millennium.

  • Avatar



    Michael Mann made me do it!

    First time I ever watched this was on a New York flight on the smallest TV screen imaginable. Because in 2010 that was a part of the joke to dump on the technological feat... highest grossing film of all time. So I’ve made the mental decision this is the first time I’ve watched it.

    I was looking at Michael Mann’s top 10 films list from 2011 for BFI. Nestled between Raging Bull and Dr…