G has written 22 reviews for films rated ★★★½ during 2021.

  • Chopping Mall

    Chopping Mall


    Good… good Corman Production. All the major food groups. Dick Miller, Paul Bartel and Mary Woronov on day work. Final Girl. Love that Mall Sentry low voice and that bass sound from the movement motor that sounds like a F1 race car game on a Atari 2600. Logical step between Short Circuit and Robocop. This is the movie Mall… Sherman Oaks Galleria. From Commando, Innerspace and Terminator 2
    What a treat…

  • The Green Knight

    The Green Knight


    A24 productions have become this almost branded aesthetic. Problem is, some of them feel good at just being a two hour trailer… without a Alex Garland or a  Michel Faber to give it some grit. Also it’s a shame I never watched this in a cinema. It’s a poster boy for what’s wrong with streaming services it looked like garbage in low lighting… a waste.

    But… the  W I L L O W  bits.

  • Cloud Atlas

    Cloud Atlas


    In the same week as watching the *film that made them a household name and this genuinely stirred me more. Even the great reveal here (like the human battery revelation) is far more terrifying to me, far more future possible. 

    Yeah, sometimes the prosthetics feel like your watching a Kamal Haasan Bollywood film. Can be quiet jarring at times. Tom Hanks with a new bottle nose. But there’s imagery and idea of ‘forever’ here that sticks to you long after.…

  • The Matrix

    The Matrix


    It was better than I expected to be. Don’t think I’ve actually seen this all the way through. I’ve never lasted it. It represented everything I didn’t like about a era. It had a weird zeitgeist to it that I couldn’t get excited about.. now, that’s not the films fault that’s how people react to it! Still can’t get around the ageing big beat soundtrack and a line like ‘Desert of the real’… making me wanted to crawl under coffee…

  • Conny Plank: The Potential of Noise

    Conny Plank: The Potential of Noise


    Makes me want to look into early pre-hits Eurythmics and Whodini.. and put Music for Airports on.

  • Black Widow

    Black Widow


    It’s like a Winter Soldier, but it isn’t tediously boring. Imagine you had a Bond movie coming out and somebody showed you the gulag prison break action sequence from this film. Financiers quietly bricking it. The Moonraker reference was a warning.

  • 2010



    Always had soft spot for 2010. Not patch on 1968 film. Interesting return. Beautifully shot by Peter Hyams. Directing and DP duties. Good Roy Scheider picture.. in a Chief Brody like Scientist/Space engineer. Another good David Shire soundtrack.

  • Mission: Impossible II

    Mission: Impossible II


    Remember the seeing the bus stop posters for this, and thinking how Metal Gear Solid they were in 2000.  Maybe it was the profile shot and title font. MGS was huge back then couldn’t help seeing its influence everywhere. Even down to how much phone conversations are used as exposition in 24 TV series felt like the Codec conversions in MGS. There’s a scientist in this called Dr. Vladimir Nekhorvich made think of Dr. Pettrovich from original Metal Gear. Both…

  • Krull



    Shear amount of supporting characters that get merc’d in the last 20mins of this bastard. Alan Armstrong and Tucker Jenkins almost get iced.

  • Deadfall



    Once caught the set piece of this on late night TV. A diamond heist that’s set around a John Barry orchestra performance, that’s right he’s in it. It’s still an astonishing 15mins of music and film editing!

    I tracked down the soundtrack and left the film as a difficult thing to get hold of. This turned up on BluRay last year. I wasn’t actually expecting much of this. Really surprised by its feel and pace… this cynical British heist film. Extremely dark third act for a major 20th Fox film. It does feel like it’s missing another heist somewhere. Great performances from it’s three characters.

  • Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

    Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome


    Have a lot time for this one.. More than most. Things get more and more tribal and medieval as the modern world disappears under the sand.

    Tonally it’s three films. With its two directors. Miller was preoccupied with the death of his producer and companion (in helicopter crash scouting locations) on this journey, Byron Kennedy.

    But the two sensibilities work well. That 80s cult of ‘the kids’ is here, better than Temple of Doom or Goonies. There is something interesting…

  • Back to the Future Part III

    Back to the Future Part III


    If Back to the Future is Marty’s parents film. Part 2 puts 3 generations of Biff Tannen indirectly at the centre of the film. Part 3 belongs to Doc. I forgotten how revisionist western this is in its production value. Proper Carlo Simi Spagetti Western sandpaper and glue. Apart from the Fistful of Dollars references. There’s even a Leone crane shot straight up out of Once Upon a Time in the West. But keeping the same lightness of the first…