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This review may contain spoilers.

Unbashful straight to video kill count. This film goes hard for a 15. You can see a conscious effort by Black to try and bring that primal danger back to this antagonist. Just cutting throu rows of G-Men like butter. That's been lost over 30 years of 16 flavours of Todd McFarlane action figures and piss weak cash-in cross overs.
Shane Black's seasonal holidays (different one this time) and attack chopper flood lights approaching mobile homes. in full effect. Some of these characters worked but it was difficult to contain. I actually want to go back and watch the trailer I was trying to avoid that contained spoilers. Was it Busey Junior or just the bigger hybrid Predator? The B-Movie exposition at the end was pure Fred Dekker. Monster Squad / Spielberg vibe is possibly what this needed bring something new. Like how it doesn't mess about and cuts to pursuit pretty quickly after the research centre gets wasted.
I remember 2010 Predators talked gritty in this way in its promo material but ended up playing too straight and flat. This is a right direction. Just little uneven at times. Would it of hurt for the main protagonist to be bit more cut up at the end.. or would that be too much of a rerun of Dutch vs 87' Predator closing both coughing' up ribs.