The Empire Strikes Back

The Empire Strikes Back ★★★★★

This film is the kick to the balls the day after the birthday party. Everything gets smashed up: People, friendships, Rebellions and Protocol Droids. On top of that you find out the 6'8'' psychopath decked out in black leather is actually yer... and well that's why we hold it closer to our hearts. (2015)


This is the 40th Anniversery that’s been put back into Cinema this summer. First time I’ve seen ESB on a big screen since the 1997 Special Editions. It’s had the least amount of ‘work’ done of all the three Special Editions. Colour in this film. It’s still far more timeless than Star Wars. The money & legitimacy has bought this astonishing confidence how this world is built... But dream like.. the dark fairytale. Luke goes back in time somewhere primordial. It got too much for me and I teared up at Yoda lifting the X-Wing out of the swamp like I always do....

There was only one showing per day at the my local. So when it came the credits. You didn’t feel like you where being pushed out. The lights stayed off. Sat in the darkness enjoying the ESB suite with the stairfield.