The Black Hole

The Black Hole ★★½

Not seen this since is was a kid along with many other Star Wars cash-ins. Some of its imagery has stayed with me for 30 years. Almost sinister tone for a Disney film. Vincent robot stuff feels like a after thought to counter all this staring into the abyss bleakness. Channelling mad scientist in the high castle. Acting is little flat outside of the Villain.  Loses a bit of pace once the plot has been established and befuddled ' quasi 2001' ending.

Let's face it the John Barry soundtrack gives the film a lot more integrity than it would have. Like he did with a few Bond Movies. Astonishing opening sequence (which sticks in your mind the most) 

Some of that insane imagery is why I came back. Last 20 mins the screen is bathed in red light from the approaching doom. Not to mention the Maximillan robot, the gothic conservatory style structure to the ship and some great crunchy analogue / digital effects. Soundtrack gets a star.