Return of the Jedi

Return of the Jedi ★★★★★

Empire might been the first thing I witnessed in a cinema. Jedi was the Star Wars event when I as kid. Toys, watches, bed spreads and panini sticker albums. Remembered while watching this sending away the tokens for a mail away Nien Nunb figure. Coming back from school and opening the little white mailer box. 

What can you say. I think Jedi is my favourite at the moment. Just this visual explosion. ILM working at the height of their powers. Great location work for Endor. Jabba with that pint glass of cola sitting on his Sail Barge. The real signpost of 80s luxury for every kid sitting at pub bench.
Forget Fett... How good is Boushh. I want that guy fleshed out in a TV vehicle. Let’s hear about the Bounty Hunter that Leia took the suit from. Boushh was the first figure I got from Return of the Jedi. Maybe it was one of those things where my parents would open the card backs and display the loose figures on Christmas Day. I didn’t even know it was Leia in disguise until I witnessed the film. Completely forgot Dengar is in this, briefly. This possibly a credit to the restoration job Harmy did on picture. 

The Emperor trap sequence is still possibly my favourite edited Star Wars moment. The way it bounces between the different locations with that music. As the Rebels plan slides into the abyss.... and that point where the tide begins to change in their favour. Three times I tear up: Yoda... Luke and Leia & Old Man Skywalker. Maybe a lifeless guerrilla fighter.

Jedi is my favourite Star Wars soundtrack. It’s the way it weaves between Imperial Marches, Luke and Leia and Emperor theme. The guttural synth worth on Jabba’s Palace. Lapti Nek" (or "Fancy Man“) Something John Williams put together with his son.

I wanted to be a Biker Scout.... still do.

(This was Harmy's Despecialized Edition of Return of the Jedi)

(This was decision to watch Star Wars films in (Godfather / Rister) order after coming back from Empire Strikes Back in the cinema. So you watch the Prequels like it’s a flashback between Empire and Jedi)