Mars Attacks!

Mars Attacks! ★★★

Imagine somebody took a bunch of mad schlock trading cards and constructed a film out of them? It’s a beautiful visual example of the replication of a comic book aesthetic,  without the nitpicking interference of the point dexters of today’s internet. Like the cards it’s fuelled by comic books nerds revenge against the world. It could still do with bit more college jock torture. 

Some of the humour hasn’t held up as well as the last time I watched it in the late 90s. But there’s some great moments. Paul Minfield’s bragging rights call to his wife in middle of military convoy. Portman president’s daughter is basically little bedroom shut away nod to Lydia from Beetlejuice. Even Nicholson’s greasy Las Vegas Lande is 25% Beetlejuice.

Tim Burton with the Anti-Independence Day.  If I had to choose I’d stay on this side. Burton only had a hand full of films left in him before he was replaced with a Martian body double at the turn of the century.