Garter Colt

Garter Colt ★★

Trashy lil’ Spaghetti vehicle for italian actress Nicoletta Machiavelli of Navajo Joe and Hills Run Red fame. This was an excuse to watch a De Laurentiis beauty for 90mins. But it’s more than that, she’s fantastic as Giarrettiera Colt. To the point that she’s not in it enough. There’s some almost bizarre Meyer staged violent set pieces with supporting cast. Making little sense. But, when Garter (Machiavelli) is in view it seems to work. This isn’t some pouty German supermodel vehicle. Even though the outfit change ratio is about the same. She’s basically giving her own spin on the Italian western protagonist. She can shoot better than anybody else, and the film lets you know. But it’s a mess of a film. But I’m here for a dwarf dressed up in a baby cot throwing poker instructions to Garter and being backup, wielding duel magnum revolvers when things get spicy.
Walter Barnes last seen in Almeria via The Big Gundown, is here (for a days work) as a pretty unconvincing Mexica general. Music is fuzz petal Portishead bastard. This was a curiosity that paid off. a surprise. It’s shame Machiavelli wasn’t given something with a bit more substance to follow this up in the 70s.