Barbarella ★★★★

'It's like been shown polaroids of the greatest party ever that you never went to' 

That sweet Dino production design. You can see the genesis for that look of D U N E.  Wish they'd banged out a Sci-Fi every couple of years from Cinecittà. Hell, 1968 had its Jane Bond with a rocket ship, and we did nothing more with it. In the space of a year Dino de Laurentiis knocked out two genre defining comic book movies in Barbarella and it's twin brother Danger Diabolik. Sometimes I think Barbarella could of benefited from one of those Morricone psych-lounge soundtracks he'd make for throwaway German fashion model movies.

Above all the 60s counter-culture sentiment and anti-Vietnam message. Barbarella is a good person. Because this is what's happened to humanity after centuries of pacification. Innocents gets her through. No, literally it stops her from being consumed by evil. When they come to remake this. Like they've been threating to do every 5 years. They'll do the lavish production, self expression and sexual freedom but she'll be an arsehole because it's 2017.

Barbarella just beams a charm and positivity that you can't help just smiling at the screen. Ace lil' mess of a movie.