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  • The Man Who Saved the World

    The Man Who Saved the World


    T U R K I S H    S T A R    W A R S

    It being May the 4th all that. It’s been a while.. my favorite bit to this day is when one of our hero’s starts whistling with great gusto on the newly discovered planet, because it might be a world entirely populated by woman. Fuck me, that noise echoing around a canyon. Instead of attracting the opposite sex, a bunch of bandit skeletons on…

  • The Eiger Sanction

    The Eiger Sanction


    Here for the climbing last act. The first half is this weird Diamonds are Forever parody of a parody. Forgot Vonetta McGee from the Great Silence is in this.

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  • King Rocker

    King Rocker


    Opens with a statement that Birmingham has tradition of sometimes abandoning or dismissing art & culture. Never been able to communicate the vacant feel that my home town sometime has. These two hours sort of explained some of it.

  • Star Wars

    Star Wars


    One of my earliest memories was watching a early Star Wars TV broadcast at Christmas while playing with some metal Star Wars spaceships. I joined in with the trench run, held them up to the TV screen.

    This film is still alchemy...

    Watched the Despecialized Edition. Beautiful grainy 35mm 1970s film. The colour in this film, specially on Tatooine. I don’t care if there never pull there finger out and release 1977 SW anymore. A wonderful online community that puts love into this preservation stuff.